Nicaragua Josefina & Mario

Nicaragua Josefina & Mario

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Sweet peach, orange blossom, juicy body

Region: Jinotega, Nicaragua

Altitude: 13235 masl

Process: Washed

This coffee comes from Gold Mountain Coffee Growers. They work exclusively in Nicaragua and have their own farm, Finca Idealista. They also have other farming groups they work with, Josefina and Mario are one of those groups. Gold Mountain is known for their attention to detail and pioneering technologies to ensure high quality cups of coffee. 

Josefina, Mario Gonzalez and their seven children are a hike from the main road and need to carry their coffee off their farm on horseback. They've lived on their corner of the mountain since 1985. Gold Mountain hikes to their farm every picking season, staying out there until each pass of picking is finished.

In addition to coffee, they also have chickens, a horse, a pig, and a small waterfall that never dries up. Their Caturra Estrella (an improved version of Caturra) and Catuai has a wonderfully-unique yellow peach note that stands out. We hope you enjoy this lovely microlot with a lot of attention to detail throughout the process. 


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