Roastery tours

Cupping lab

This is where the magic happens and where everything starts for Dawson Taylor. Our cupping lab is where all the testing, training and playing with coffees happen. When sourcing new coffees or deciding on a new crop selection for the year we sample many lots of coffee, sometimes trying 10 - 15 different lots before selecting our coffee for the year or a new coffee. Once we've made a selection the roasters use our SF-1 in the cupping lab to profile the coffee. Our goal is to find a profile that brings out the farmer's hard work and lets the innate characteristics from each region shine through.

This is also where training for our baristas and wholesale partners happens. We are passionate about coffee and care about doing things right! You'll also find members of our team trying out new recipes for brew devices in the lab. It's a rough part of the job, but someone has to drink and experiment with all this coffee!

San Franciscan Roasters

We love our San Franciscan Roasters! These high quality machines are made in the USA in Carson City, NV. Our SF roaster lineup consists of the SF-1 Thomas, SF-25 Dolores and SF-75 Charlie. With this lineup we have the perfect mix of machines to sample and profile, roast small batches of unique and complex coffees and larger batches of blends and roasts. We feel these roasters are beautiful custom built machines that not only do an amazing job roasting coffee, but look great in our roasting facility as well.


As you make your way around to the production area you'll get a chance to take in more of the culture of the company. Be prepared to rock out with the crew as they'll be jamming everything from heavy metal and 90's classics  to Grateful Dead and beyond. The production area is where we package ground and whole bean coffee that will go out to our wholesale partners and customers across the Treasure Valley, Idaho and beyond. It's a sensory experience as well as you can smell the various fragrances of coffees from around the world.